No detail is overlooked. No possibility unexplored.

We believe rules are meant to be broken...and we don't apologize for it.

Since 2010, we've been slinging some seriously delicious beans in the Bay Area and beyond.


We are coffee geeks.

We live and breath coffee and are obsessed with the craft of roasting. Need we say more?

We tweak profiles to tease out that extra bit of flavor, that syrupy sweetness, or that superb aroma that each coffee may have. We even get excited over new kinds of coffee cherry fermentation that produces exotic characteristics.

Some call it passion. We call it insane devotion and commitment.

We do things differently.

We don't go the safe route and always strive for knocking it out of the park.

We roast and blend big flavor with our vintage Probat. After all, nobody would blend a Yirgacheffe with a Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra... they're so drastically different, but that’s exactly what we do.

We have integrity, because it matters.

We won’t source coffee from middlemen because they often don't treat farmers with respect, paying a pittance for their crop.

We only partner with cooperatives, small farmers and other organizations that share our dedication to the craft like we do.